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ERGO 4 may be downloaded from the Ergo web site See the "downloads" page. Ergo has a sixty day free trial period, which starts when it is installed.

To install Ergo, simply extract the files from the file, and run Setup. After installing Ergo, be sure to run Program Update to obtain any updated or new program files.

Ergo data files are installed as customized Paradox (*.db) files, which also contain special indexes and fields to enable tuning your receivers and conducting propagation assessment based on location data if contained in the station record.

The Ergo package includes a companion program, the Data Support Interface DSI (or ergo4dsi.exe) to create or import databases and logs. DSI may be run using the File | New menu item in Ergo, or directly from the Windows Start menu.

How to use ILGRadio with Ergo

Install Ergo and run Program Update. Make sure that your version of ERGO4DSI.EXE is or greater.

Extract your ILGRadio data (DBF file) into a folder, if you have not already done so.

Run ERGO4DSI from the Windows Start menu, or from the File | New menu item in Ergo.

Select Import ILGRadio Data from the options in ERGO4DSI. Complete the following two boxes.

ILGRadio Source File: Select the original ILGRadio data file (e.g. ILGSDATA.DBF)

ILGRadio Working Database: Create the folder and name of the file where you will save the Paradox version of ILGRadio data for use with Ergo. Each Ergo data file must be in its own (separate) folder.

Press Next. The screen will show you the progress of the import. Then, when done, press Finish. This will close DSI.

Run Ergo, and use File | Open menu item to open the imported data in Ergo.

Please note that the Ergo working copy of ILGRadio is read-only and cannot be modified.

ILGRadio for the current season:
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