ILGRadio  since 1983
Latest ILGRadio SUMMER 2018 Files of A18 Season with update of May 20th (1920 UTC) also with new Structure available here on Download page

About ILGRadio

History of ILGRadio of last 40 years 

The History of ILGRadio of last 40 years

This ILGRadio is the first full Radio Database of the World, based on the former
well-known printed edition which was stopped some years ago. ILG started with the
first edition in May 1978 with a listing of Broadcasts in English and German.
This project was successful from the beginning. These databases were improved
edition by edition. ILG was offered for low costs and therefore after various
harware problems the printed version hat to be stopped at the end of the 80ies.
The ILG project continued as an electronic publication with a professional
version for radio stations & frequency managers and later a free version for
the short wave listeners & DXers.
Since 1998 ILG is offered free of charge (called ILGRadio) on the Internet to all
non professional users. ILGRadio Software is in use now since the end of 1991.
The professional version of ILG short wave database is in use by technical
offices of many international broadcasters and telecoms for frequency coordination.
ILG short wave database is the basic planning source of the HFCC (HF Frequency
Coordination) conferences.

These data were available free for more than 10 years. Some years ago some
people have stolen the complete database and published it with some modifications
of data fields under their name. Various ILGRadio fake stations, errors and
special name writing included. This is not acceptable for any author in the world.
Free ILGRadio project was closed for years. I have got many complains during
the last years because ILGRadio was stopped.
During the last year I was in contact with various old ILGRadio users and
discussed this problem and we have found a usefull solution.
Since January 2013 ILGRadio is publised again on the internet.
All data are again completely available. There is also a HTML version and here
no additional software is necessary. All data can be viewed by any web browser,
e.g. Microsoft Explorer or Firefox, no additional software is necessary !

All schedules are displayed by the unique ILG Graphical Diagramm with the
"Times by Lines" including the ILG language information.
The ILGRadio is a complete documentation about all current broadcasting activities.
If YOU are interested in broadcasting by job or hobby, ILGRadio will give you
the best source of information available on a regular basis with various editions.
All data are easy to read and well presented and the number of abbreviations are
limited. Since the start of this project during the 80ies ILGRadio is still the
largest radio database in the world !
Some scans of earlier ILG releases are also available for documentation purposes
on the ILGRadio web page.

The only difference is now that a very small amount must be paid to get the password.

This can be made via PayPal or directly within the European Union by bank transfer.

This will avoid that government and some "Jamming countries" can get access.
On the other hand I am here with my full name, address and responsible for
what I am writing and publishing. So I feel that there no need to use
Mr.X and Mr.John Doe as identification to to get correct data from me...

Bernd Friedewald (DK9FI)