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Comments of Users

This is such a wonderful resource. I use it everyday with my Ham Radio Deluxe here in Congo, and it makes of SWL’ing such a pleasant and easy activity. 73 and please keep up the good work.  E-Mail of 1st June 2017 by Fernando 9Q6BB

...valuable resource !  E-Mail of 21st April 2017 by Mark
...thank you for your hard work !  E-Mail of 20th April 2017 by Steve
...thank you for the new april update. Always a great job!! Warm wishes for a Happy Easter to you and your family... E-Mail of 14 April by Paolo iz1mll
Gleichzeitig möchte ich Ihnen für Ihre grosse Arbeit danken Schönes Weekend E-Mail of 10th March 2017 by Alexandra
Thanks for making all your hard work available to the public!  E-Mail of 5th March 2017 by David
This past weekend I learned that ILGRadio is now available again to the general public.  It's now a pay database, at 10 Euros for one season or 15 Euros for two seasons.  I bought the two-season option, and it's well worth it!  The database is available in three variants...
The amount of data is amazing.  I attempted for a season or two to compile a database, and it's a huge endeavor.  Given that ILGRadio is easily orders of magnitude larger and more detailed than Prime Time Shortwave, AOKI, ADDX, and even EIBI, it's well worth the cost.
ILGRadio is rightly particular about their data.  If you have a shortwave logging program or know enough to import a dBASE file into Access, SQL Server Express, or LibreOffice Base, go and get the ILGRadio database.  It's simply amazing.  Posted 7th July 2015 by N3OEA
...I subscribe to the ILG database. I have found it to be comprehensive and free from errors... Posted 12 May 2016 by Elwood