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Latest ILGRadio SUMMER 2018 Files of A18 Season with update of May 20th (1920 UTC) also with new Structure available here on Download page


Contact Data
Company Name:
ILG Software (ILG Software & BFM Internet-Vertriebs GmbH)
Postal Address:
P.O.Box 1112
34567 Homberg

Company Director: Bernd Friedewald
Responsible for ILGRadio Web Site Content: Bernd Friedewald

Fone: +49 / 5681 / 930360 (Monday-Friday: approx.1500-1800 UTC hours)
Fax: +49 / 5681 / 930361
E-Mail: ilg-nospam at ilgradio dot com

Registered Company Data
Taxe ID-No.: 02623605355
USt.-IdNr.: DE 220300851

German Trade ID Number: HRB 10120 (Amtsgericht Fritzlar/Homberg) (registered company)
Bank Account
Name of the Bank: VR Bank Schwalm-Eder (34576 Homberg)
Bank Account Owner: Bernd Friedewald
IBAN: DE 55520626010000056847
S.W.I.F.T.Destination: GENO DE F1 HRV