The largest and unique short wave database in the world covering all Broadcasting and UTILITY Stations 1.6-30 MHz along with the last monitoring date and many further details
ILGRadio  since 1983 the whole short wave spectrum in one hand
B22 updates now on a DAILY basis: last upload November 26th 2022 (2215 UTC)

Monitored and verified data: January ... November 2022: 25843, Year 2021:  11631 data entries, more details here STATISTICS
New web pages available: Explaining ILGRadio Data Fields and The Signal Types of the ILGRadio Database

Comments of ILGRadio Users

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Thank you for your fine work in keeping us other updated regarding times and frequencies. You are simply the best..  E-Mail of 29th January 2022 by Arne
Thanks for the help and good work.  E-Mail of 29th January 2022 by Paolo
Thank you, ... I appreciate this contribution to the hobby.  E-Mail of 26th January 2022 by James
I have downloaded the files and have them running on SDR Console. Everything seems to be working well. Thank You for your assistance..  E-Mail of 23rd January 2022 by Chuck
Thank you, I have imported the data into ham radio deluxe and it seems to be working great.  E-Mail of 8th January 2022 by Bill
"Must to Have" for DXing - broadcasting and Utilty.  E-Mail of 6th January 2022 by Werner
The best UTILITY Guide I have ever seen !  E-Mail of 2nd January 2022 by Jim
Thanks so much. ILGRadio is by far the best resource.  E-Mail of 1st January 2022 by Bob
Let me thank you for your hard work regarding the freshness of the database.  E-Mail of 31st December 2021 by Dezider
Many thanks for your work in preparing the database - much appreciated. I am using it with SDR-Console and Ergo4. SDR receivers Perseus, SDRPlay, Airspy and WJ-8712.  E-Mail of 27th December 2021 by Terry
What a great source of UTILITY data. Pitty that this database was not known for me before.  E-Mail of 20th December 2021 by Martin
Danke für den guten Service.  E-Mail of 17th December 2021 by Alexandra
Thank you for your very useful work for listening to the radio.  E-Mail of 29th November 2021 by Roch
Thank you very much for the fast turn around.  E-Mail of 27th November 2021 by Howard
Hier ist alles klar, die database habe ich heruntergeladen und es klappt prima mit SDR Console V3.  E-Mail of 15th November 2021 by Armin
Best 73 to you and yours, and thank you for maintaining this great service.  E-Mail of 11th November 2021 by Pete
Vielen Dank für die schnelle Zusendung des Zugangscodes. Downloaden hat wie immer gut geklappt. Mit Ihren Daten + dem PERSEUS macht die Kurzwelle erst so richtig Spaß.  E-Mail of 7th November 2021 by Jörg
All good. Database downloaded and installed. Thank you.  E-Mail of 24th October 2021 by Paul
I am purchasing your excellent lists for several years ...Many thanks again and kind regards.  E-Mail of 17th October 2021 by Terry
All good. Database downloaded and installed. Thank you.  E-Mail of 24th October 2021 by Paul
All working well..thanks for your service.  E-Mail of 4th October 2021 by Paul
Your database is still used here all the time. You do a fantastic job with it. I will be renewing again next year.  E-Mail of 30th September 2021 by Eduard
Thank you for your fine work in keeping us other updated regarding times and frequencies. You are simply the best.  E-Mail of 26th September 2021 by Arne
Thank you Bernd! I have your email just fine here and I am able to open the file and download with my password. This looks very, very interesting. I have wanted a good resource to help identify the signals I have been receiving. Again, thank you for your work.  E-Mail of 9th September 2021 by Mark
I have successfully imported to HRD ... Great work by the way.  E-Mail of 23rd August 2021 by Glynne
Again, thank you for producing such a great resource and making it available on such reasonable terms.  E-Mail of 12th August 2021 by Joshua
Thanks for answering so promptly. How much difference is there between ILG editions as for example the World Radio Handbook comes out in 2021 with information/data from 2020 since it is printed in 2020 for 2021 to send out to the public?  E-Mail of 12th August 2021 by Charles
Bin sehr zufrieden mit der Liste als SWL.  E-Mail of 3rd August 2021 by Edgar
Thank You very much for the quick reply. The files downloaded perfectly and loaded into HRD.  E-Mail of 1st August 2021 by Paul
Sent you money for a couple of beers. Enjoy! Thanks for what you do. Thought i would let you know sdruno accepts your database text format.  E-Mail of 1st August 2021 by Charlie
Thanks for your hard work on the database and your help for me.  E-Mail of 29th July 2021 by Charlie
I tried the "new structure" of the .txt A and B versions, and they work fine with the current version of HRD! ILG is good to go! Thanks for getting me straight!  E-Mail of 9th July 2021 by Pete
Danke für Ihre Arbeit !  E-Mail of 23rd June 2021 by Joachim
Thanks a lot for quicly sending my password, and for all the job done to maintain this database. Everything seems to work well.  E-Mail of 19th June 2021 by Renaud
I appreciate all the time you put looking into this. If anything changes with Uno I will let you know.  E-Mail of 6th June 2021 by Mike
First of all, I love the ILG database, I wish I knew about this sooner.  E-Mail of 5th June 2021 by Mike
The ILG database works fine for me and I run it in HRD.s "Software database".  E-Mail of 27th May 2021 by Arne
ILG Radio database is very useful to me. And now that propagation is improving it will be even more interesting to have access to the database. I use it mostly through the Ham Radio Deluxe software.  E-Mail of 2nd May 2021 by Fernando
I appreciate and respect all the work you put into ILG. If it weren't for your database and CSVuserlistbrowser, I'd be lost in the HF spectrum to what I was listening to.  E-Mail of 2nd May 2021 by Jerry
Received new registration details, all working fine. Thank You for your hard work.  E-Mail of 28th April 2021 by David
Thanks for quick response with access info for ILGRadio.  E-Mail of 16th April 2021 by John
Thank you for the renewed access to the ilgradio database which remains excellent and for amateur use very affordable.  E-Mail of 2nd March 2021 by Wil
Everything works fine.  E-Mail of 28th February 2021 by Ioannis
Worked great! I was able to use the standard format txt for HRD.  E-Mail of 30th January 2021 by Tomas
Thank you for your email and prompt response, password works well and downloaded files for Ham Radio Deluxe use and all is okay.  E-Mail of 8th January 2021 by David
I got your email and I am able to download the file. Everything works good !  E-Mail of 27th December 2020 by Mike
Many thanks for very quick reply and after your normal working hours.... work and files downloaded OK. Thank you for the service.  E-Mail of 16th December 2020 by Terry
Thanks - works fine with the newest version of HRD released yesterday.  E-Mail of 6th December 2020 by Harry
I deeply appreciate all your work on keeping us enthusiasts up to date.  E-Mail of 4th December 2020 by Jerry
Thank you for your very useful service for shortwave listening.  E-Mail of 4th December 2020 by Roch
Thanks for your fast reply and your work of the frequency databese, everything worked perfectly and I could dowload the CSV file without any problem..  E-Mail of 24th November 2020 by Joakim
Some time ago I promised to tell you something about my listening station and the use of the ILG database. Due to circumstances this never happened and therefore now a short description. I have been using the ILGRadio database for three or four years now (after a publication by Nils Schiffhauer) and I like the information and the regular updates. The ILG database is converted into excel and added with my own findings...  E-Mail of 28th October 2020 by Arnold
Thanks for all your efforts in compiling this database - it's already identified a some new transmissions I'd logged today.  E-Mail of 20th October 2020 by Wojtek
Everything is working. Thanks again for this service and very fast updates.  E-Mail of 10th September 2020 by Steve
I'll make the offer to my friend and hope to have ILG supported in his SDRuno plugin soon. Others have asked him to support the ILG database as we all think it is the best and most complete one out there and worth every penny of the subscription.  E-Mail of 27th August 2020 by Rick
Thanks for all your Hard Work.  E-Mail of 4th August 2020 by Francis
Thanks for your accurate monitoring and reporting!  E-Mail of 1st August 2020 by Guy
Thanks Bernd! I really enjoy your database, it's the only one I trust to be up to date.  E-Mail of 2nd July 2020 by Jerry
I propose that you treat yourself a nice bottle of wine with the created saldo. Nothing very much for all those years of work you keep motivating people for our hobby by means of your excellent product.  E-Mail of 8th June 2020 by Theo
Best regards to you and I very much appreciate your hard work.  E-Mail of 12th April 2020 by Jerry
Thanks for this excellent service.  E-Mail of 22nd March 2020 by Fernando
I desire to compliment you because I really appreciated the frequency extension introduced in the latest version... There are in fact many interesting stations below 2 MHz. Thanks for this new opportunity !  E-Mail of 3rd February 2020 by Paolo
Your databases are wonderful and a joy to download every month.  E-Mail of 17th January 2020 by Mark
Thank you for the enless work you do. Your data is an immense help to me, and so good for the radio listeners community.  E-Mail of 9th January 2020 by Nick
Thank you for doing what you do. I greatly appreciate your database, and look forward to subscribing for many years to come.  E-Mail of 8th January 2020 by Nicholas
Thank you for sending the registration information for this excellent and affordable database.  E-Mail of 30th December 2019 by Wil
your list is so important in my radio hobby. I don't know how i managed before i started subscribing nearly 2 years ago. Keep up the good work.  E-Mail of 29th December 2019 by Eddy
Thank you for providing this very valuable information.  E-Mail of 19th October 2019 by David
Thank you for your hard work for the best databse in the world!  E-Mail of 6th September 2019 by Garry
Congratulations on your perfect database, the best in the DX scene.  E-Mail of 15th August 2019 by Olav
Just downloaded ILGRadio and I was impressed about all the details. Thank you for the BIG ONE !  E-Mail of 16th July 2019 by Tom
Thanks for all your hard work.  E-Mail of 11th July 2019 by Jerry
Thank you for the great database. Professional source for low budget ! Perfect service...   E-Mail of 25th June 2019 by Frank
Moin, Bernd - wieder einmal stehe ich staunend vor Deiner neuesten
Liste: super! Auch der Import in Simon Browns Software klappte umstandslos. E-Mail of 20th June 2019 by Nils
Thank you for the very quick service...   E-Mail of 10th June 2019 by Alan
Thanks for your work...   E-Mail of 6th May 2019 by Tiziano
thank you for the feedback. Let me thank you  for your excelent effort !   E-Mail of 30th April 2019 by Dezider
Thanks Bernd! Works great!   E-Mail of 29th April 2019 by Hal
Email received and database downloaded successfully. Thank you!   E-Mail of 21st April 2019 by Steve
Thank you for the quick response to my payment.   E-Mail of 19th April 2019 by Charles
Hello Bernd, It works great! Thank you again.Bis nachstes Jahr   E-Mail of 11th April 2019 by Kees
All received and working great in CSVUB linked to my RSPduo on SDRuno - it makes for a much more interesting scroll through
HF to have such strong hints as to the likely cause of the bumps on the line.
Keep up the great work!   E-Mail of 11th April 2019 by Andrew
Thanks again for your hard work on the database and thought you might want to know about this useful program.  E-Mail of 10th April 2019 by Rick
Thank you for the great service it is much appreciated.  E-Mail of 10th April 2019 by James
I've really appreciated your database and all of the hard work that goes into it. E-Mail of 6th April 2019 by Robert
These directories working GREAT! Thank you ... E-Mail of 31st March 2019 by John
I received your email with my password - I downloaded and installed the database using HRD. Everything works great.
Thank you and best regards!  E-Mail of 15th December 2018 by Mike
Hello Bernd, what a great database! Never seen such detailed information. Keep up this projrct! E-Mail of 6th April 2019 by Allan
Thanks for your good work! E-Mail of 3rd April 2019 by Manfred
I'm using the ILG database together with the old and faithful Ergo 4-program from John Fallows. They work together seamlessly
and via virtual usb-port with, which communicates with my remote SDR-receiver. E-Mail of 3rd April 2019 by Jouni
Thanks for your hard work. E-Mail of 3rd April 2019 by Rick
These directions worked GREAT! Thank you ... E-Mail of 31st March 2019 by John
Your database is used all the time here, and i have to say, i have never seen a better one. Keep up your excellent work. E-Mail of 22nd March 2019 by Eddy
keep up this GREAT ILGRadio database E-Mail of 25th February 2019 by Frank
what a surprise to get so many data on professionbal basis for only such a small amount. I will inform my hobby friends!
Go on this way ! E-Mail of 30th January 2019 by Heinz
Moin, Bernd - Deine neue Liste ist ja mal wieder ein dolles Ding! Es ist
ja unglaublich, wieviel Arbeit du dahinein gesteckt hast (und sicherlich noch stecken wirst!).E-Mail of 20th January 2019 by Nils
Thank you for your great work, everything is perfect and easy to read. Thank you very much again !  E-Mail of 14th January 2019 by Alex
Thank you Bernd, PW Email received and once again thank you for all your hard work.  E-Mail of 20th November 2018 by Steve
I look forward to another year of your indispensable service; my SWL activities would be much more difficult without ILG.  E-Mail of 10th November 2018 by Darren
Your e-mail has been received in good order and the ILGRadio information is again gratefully used.  E-Mail of 3rd October 2018 by Arnold
Thank you for your message, everything is fine and no problem. Thank you very much !  E-Mail of 29th July 2018 by Karel
QSL, all good! THank you for prompt reply and have a nice summer. This is the first time I´ll try your databases.
I have a some experieces from Klingenfuss publication.  E-Mail of 19th July 2018 by Vesa
wollte nur anmerken, dass diese Frequenzdatenbank für mich eine extreme Hilfe ist und ich die Subscription plane fortzusetzen!
Ich hatte vorher die Datenbank von Jörg Klingenfuss versucht, leider in der elektronischen Version sehr allgemein gehalten und
Major Services fehlen, bzw.sind dafür Dienste in der Karibik eingetragen.... hier war ich leider sehr enttäuscht!
Um so positiver und begeisterter bin ich von der ILG Liste, wo auch detailreich Betriebsarten eingepflegt wurden... daher bitte weitermachen!!!
Leider ist es immer so eine Sache mit dem Dank der Allgemeinheit, kritisiert wird schnell, gedankt eher weniger.... in diesem Sinne....
keep up the work, good job!  E-Mail of 18th July 2018 by Jose
In English:

just wanted to say that this frequency database is an extreme help for me and I plan to continue the subscription!
I had previously tried the database of Jörg Klingenfuss, unfortunately in the electronic version very general and
Major services are missing, or are for services in the Caribbean registered .... here I was unfortunately very disappointed!
The more positive and enthusiastic I am from the ILG list, where detailed operating modes have been maintained ... so please continue!
Unfortunately, it is always such a thing with the gratitude of the general public, criticized quickly, thanked rather less .... in this sense ....
keep up the work, good job!  E-Mail of 18th July 2018 by Jose
Thank you very much for your efforts contributions.  E-Mail of 14th July 2018 by James
I just wanted to respond to your recent message. Firstly, let me state that ILGRadio is - by far the best and most comprehensive
shortwave database. I can actually say that is an expert opinion as, for many years, I developed a logging program called (not too creatively)
Shortwave Log that imports and organizes around 10 databases. I still keep my program up-to-date for myself, although I pulled it from
the Internet a few years ago. ILGRadio has the most accurate data, period. It's a great piece of work.Thanks for all of your hard work.
I hope that ILGRadio stays; however, I completely understand if it's not worth your time.  E-Mail of 5th July 2018 by Robert
Thank you for your file updates etc. You are very efficient at keeping things up to date. I have now manged to get all my programs working
at the moment, so am happy with all.  E-Mail of 4th June 2018 by Eddy
 I confirm receiving the new access data for the ILG Database. I'm actively using it as it has proven to be accurate, comprehensive and
regularly updated. For the Database I'm using John Fallow's Ergo4-program, which communicates with Simon Brown's SDR Console-program
via virtual USB-port. This installation has been working perfectly and effectively. Thanks and 73 !  E-Mail of 18th April 2018 by Jouni
ILG is a terrific product and I'm happy to renew again.  E-Mail of 30th March 2018 by Rick
LOVE the new email format Bernd. Thank you!  E-Mail of 29th March 2018 by Theo
ILG was great in the past. NOW ITS GREATER  E-Mail of 26th March 2018 by Frank
SIMPLY THE BEST !  E-Mail of 16th March 2018 by Geoff
what a great data base. it is so easy now to identify all thos signals. dxing makes fun now  E-Mail of 10th February 2018 by Mike
I have used many years well known CDs and such stuff but ILGRadio is much more usefull. the best on the market. price ok.
I need nothing more. keep up this great work!  E-Mail of 25th January 2018 by Mike
at first I did not believe the value of ILGRadio. I have tested it out many week and this databse is the top of the work E-Mail of 25th February 2018 by Roger
ILGRadio is a must for each serious short wave listener (DXer)!  E-Mail of 4th November 2017 by Ben
I am totally impressed. read a lot of positive comments in the internet I have now my first release on my pc. everything on the right
place and it looks completely up-to-date. What a great help for the DXers. Keep up this service!!  E-Mail of 1st November 2017 by Darren
ILGRadio again the big bang with all the new schedules. Perfect and excellent service !  E-Mail of 1st November 2017 by Glen
ILG indeed the ultimative database. Go on this way !!!  E-Mail of 1st November 2017 by Graham
Thanks for your excellent service !  E-Mail of 31st October 2017 by Fernando
Hi, just ordered new again. SUPER WORK. In the past I used various alternatives with less value because not up-to-date.
e.g. EIBI, AOKI, Klingenfuss. ILGRadio beats them all for a resonable price. Continue your great work!   E-Mail of 30th October 2017 by Mike
at the start of the new season everything available with the new times and frequencies, others like
EIBI and AOKI are the total failure  E-Mail of 31st October 2017 by E-Mail of 30th October 2017 by Walter
What a great database! I tuned the whole weekend accross all bands and all stations I received were listed in ILGRadio.
PERFECT DATABASE !  E-Mail of 19th October 2017 by Andreas
Good work, nothing is better and more uptodate !  E-Mail of 15th October 2017 by Henry
thank you with your update. Always an excellent job!!  E-Mail of 13th August 2017 by Paolo
This is such a wonderful resource. I use it everyday with my Ham Radio Deluxe here in Congo, and it makes of SWL’ing such a
pleasant and easy activity. 73 and please keep up the good work.  E-Mail of 1st June 2017 by Fernando 9Q6BB
valuable resource !  E-Mail of 21st April 2017 by Mark
thank you for your hard work !  E-Mail of 20th April 2017 by Steve
thank you for the new april update. Always a great job!! Warm wishes for a Happy Easter to you and your family... E-Mail of 14 April by Paolo
Gleichzeitig möchte ich Ihnen für Ihre grosse Arbeit danken Schönes Weekend E-Mail of 10th March 2017 by Alexandra
Thanks for making all your hard work available to the public!  E-Mail of 5th March 2017 by David
This past weekend I learned that ILGRadio is now available again to the general public.  It's now a pay database, at 10 Euros for one
season or 15 Euros for two seasons.  I bought the two-season option, and it's well worth it!  The database is available in three variants...
The amount of data is amazing.  I attempted for a season or two to compile a database, and it's a huge endeavor.  Given that ILGRadio
is easily orders of magnitude larger and more detailed than Prime Time Shortwave, AOKI, ADDX, and even EIBI, it's well worth the cost.
ILGRadio is rightly particular about their data.  If you have a shortwave logging program or know enough to import a dBASE file into
Access, SQL Server Express, or LibreOffice Base, go and get the ILGRadio database.  It's simply amazing.  Posted 7th July 2015 by N3OEA
I subscribe to the ILG database. I have found it to be comprehensive and free from errors... Posted 12 May 2016 by Elwood