ILGRadio  since 1983 the whole shortwave in one hand
Latest ILGRadio SUMMER 2018 Files of A18 Season with update of
October 21st (1745 UTC) also with new
Structure available here on Download page

Database Statistik


The data field "YEAR" gives only the latest monitoring date given in year and month.
Old dates will be overwritten month by month.
For UTILITY stations many monthly operated frequencies can only be monitored
approx. one time during the year and therefore old monitor data also listed !

Broadcasting stations incl. Meteo and Volmet (12365 sets) file: ilgbdata

5576   monitored in year 2018
 706   monitored in year 2017
 361   monitored in year 2016
 427   monitored in year 2015
1006  monitored in year 2014
  23   monitored in year 2013
 226  monitored before and incl. year 2012
2910 nothing monitored (no signal, inactive or station off airl) and separator lines *

Broadcasting and Utility Stations incl. Meteo & Volmet with all entries (45842 sets) file: ilgadata

12483   monitored in year 2018
7574   monitored in year 2017
6477   monitored in year 2016
4017   monitored in year 2015
3894   monitored in year 2014
1095   monitored in year 2013
4047  monitored before and incl. year 2012
4719   nothing monitored (no signal or stand-by service) and separator lines *

*  Included in most files but not in statisctics:
sets with Separator lines within broadcasting bands in 5 KHz steps
(1539 in "A - All Data" and 1129 lines in "B - Broadcasting" files)