The largest and unique short wave database in the world covering
all Broadcasting and UTILITY Stations with last monitoring date (time stamp)
and many further technical / signal details

ILGRadio  since 1983 the whole short wave spectrum in one hand
A24 Season - May updates on a nearly daily basis: upload May 18th 2024 (1950 UTC)

Monitored and verified data sets of A24 season: Year 2024: 19103, Year 2023: 13948, Year 2022: 8645,
Year 2021: 7881 data set entries of current release effective March 31st, more detailed Statistics as of 30th April 2024
Important web pages for help: Explaining ILGRadio Data Fields and The Signal Types of the ILGRadio Database
ILGRadio as seen from others: Comments of satisfied ILGRadio Users over the years

Picture 9675 Khz
Picture 9680 khz
Picture 9685 khz
Picture 9690 khz
Picture 9695 khz
Picture 9700 khz
Picture 9705 khz
Picture 9710 khz
Preview: Picture 9675 Khz
Preview: Picture 9680 khz
Preview: Picture 9685 khz
Preview: Picture 9690 khz
Preview: Picture 9695 khz
Preview: Picture 9700 khz
Preview: Picture 9705 khz
Preview: Picture 9710 khz
PERSEUS SDR Screenshots
Mobile Preview: Picture 9675 Khz
Mobile Preview: Picture 9680 khz
Mobile Preview: Picture 9685 khz
Mobile Preview: Picture 9690 khz
Mobile Preview: Picture 9695 khz
Mobile Preview: Picture 9700 khz
Mobile Preview: Picture 9705 khz
Mobile Preview: Picture 9710 khz

PERSEUS SDR Screenshots

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