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Latest ILGRadio Files of January 21st also with new Structure available here on Download page

Welcome to the most comprehensive short wave database

New Format now available for download
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B17 - Winter Season 2017/18

ILGRadio Frequency Databases available with new
Structure and Format as of January 21st 2018

Latest Edition with upload time of January 21st 2130 UTC
Full Version now with 41372 data sets (new structure)
Look for new Structure and here on the Download page

Again the new ILG Monitoring World Record of the B17 Season
The data field YEAR gives the year and the month of last monitoring date, e.g. monitored in November and December. Some un-confirmed data will be monitorred soon...


    ILG´s Milestones in Short Wave Publishing

    - first database including complete frequency schedules
    - first database with graphical diagram "Times by Lines" with language info
    - first database inluding technical details of all broadcasting stations
    - first database with nearly all verified data by monitoring during the season
    - first database giving broadcasting times of all ULTILTY stations
    - first database inluding monitoring dates for nearly all database entries


These ILGRadio Databases are provided to promote and advance the hobbie of Short Wave Radio Listening and Monitoring with accurate details of stations broadcasting between 2 to 30 MHz.

ILGRadio's Philosophy
- see what you receive in ILG´s Graphical Diagram
- tune in to the very precise frequencies
- explore when broadcast was monitored last time
- search your favorites within latest schedules
- identify transmissions you tune in immediately
- run your PERSEUS SDR display like an RDS radio
- do not waste time with fake schedules of others
- you will not find HFCC/ITU schedule grave yards
- download latest updates on a regular time
- pay a fair acceptable low rate for a year

ILGRadio is available for a very small amount of money as a recognition for all the work for investigation and trouble.
That´s why there is the wish that your access data were NOT given to other persons, who paid for nothing. Please accept this.
If you would use ILGRadio for your professional job, please pay the higher price or more. Many thanks !

The whole short wave spectrum in one hand:
The master source for serious short wave listeners:
- the most up-to-date database in the world
- broadcasting or UTILITY stations - everything is here
- accurate in its detail
- entries checked by regular bandscans
- you can identify nearly each signal at once
- easy to handle and to read
- various formats for popular receiver software available
- absolute low in price
- test it out to talk about

ILGRADIO STATISTICS of January 21st 2018
41372 Sets based on ilgadata file
The data field "YEAR" gives only the latest monitoring date given in year and month.
Old dates will be overwritten month by month.
For UTILITY stations many monthly operated frequencies can only be monitored
approx. one time during the year and therefore old monitor data also listed !

1536 sets with Separator lines within broadcasting bands in 5 KHz steps

This Winter Season:
9651 monitored entries during November, December 2017 and January 2018
7533 monitored entries during January 2017 to October 2017
 2560   monitored in year 2018
14245  monitored in year 2017
 6661  monitored in year 2016
 3706  monitored in year 2015
 3763  monitored in year 2014
 1013  monitored in year 2013
  933  monitored in year 2012
  735  monitored in year 2011
 1238  monitored in year 2010
  471  monitored in year 2009
  256  monitored in year 2008
  114  monitored in year 2007
   11  monitored in year 2006
    0  monitored earlier

 4129  nothing received or DUMMY entries (information sets)
260  INFO DATA sets with additional language/dialect information


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