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A16 - Summer 2016

ILGRadio Frequency Databases now available

7th Update as of May 24th 2016

New ILGRadio database Improvements:
DSC Stations included of the following frequencies: 2187.5, 4207.5. 6312, 8414.5, 12577 and 16804.5 khz

Changes in GRAPHIC (graphical diagram) with language abbreviations from May 1st 2016:
B (b) = Bengali  (Bulgarian before)
D (d) = Dari  (German before)
G (g) = German  (Greek before)
I (i) = Indonesian  (Italian before)
L (l) = Laotian  (Lithuanian before)
N (n) = Nepali  (Norwegian before)
O (o) = Oromo  (Polish before)

Former changes during April 2016:
1. Two new data fields available FDATE and TDATE (Start and Stop date if operation different within the season)
2. The data field YEAR is now filled with last monitored year when broadcast was received

These ILGRadio Databases are provided to promote and advance the hobbie of Short Wave Radio Listening and Monitoring with accuarte details of stations broadcasting between 2 to 30 MHz. ILGRadio is available for a very small amount of money as a recognition for all the work for investigation and trouble.
That´s why there is the wish that your access data were NOT given to other persons, who paid for nothing. Please accept this.
If you would use ILGRadio for your professional job, please pay the higher price or more. Many thanks !

The whole short wave spectrum in one hand:
The master source for serious short wave listeners:
- the most up-to-date database in the world
- broadcasting or UTILITY stations - everything is here
- accurate in its detail
- entries checked by regular bandscans
- you can identify nearly each signal at once
- easy to handle and to read
- various formats for popular receiver software available
- absolute low in price
- test it out to talk about

ILGRadio GRAPICAL DIAGRAM improved by additional abbreviations for the various
UTILITY type transmissions. For more details see ILGRadio Abbreviations.

This new ILGRadio database is including UTILITY Stations operating
between 2 - 30 MHz  and the database size will be extended from
approx. 9700 to more than 32000 data sets.
Lookup tables for Sites will cover 1756 (ITU gives 674) entries
and 400 (ITU gives 268) broadcasters.
There are now 3x main ILGRadio files available:
1.  Broadcasting database covering all broadcasting and
               Weather/Volmet stations with approx. 13500 data sets
2.  Short wave database covering all broadcasts between
               2 - 30 MHz with approx. 32000 data sets
3. Short wave database covering main broadcasting bands 
              within 2 - 22 MHz with approx. 12500 data sets *
   *  = to solve the possible download and memory problems or if you are only interested
       in broadcasting stations this database is reduced to the broadcasting bands
       (extendend bands) with the following frequency ranges:   2300-2500, 3170-3400,
       3900-4000, 4740-5150, 5700-6300, 6850-7800, 9250-10000, 11400-12200,
       13550-13900, 15000-15840, 17450-17900, 18900-19030, 21450-21850  and  26000-26100 khz


ILGRadio is available in dBASE and Text Format
These data files can be imported into Microsoft Excel / Microsoft Access,
LibreOffice Base, Paradox,  FileMaker Pro, DBF Viewer 2000, DataView,  . . . 

ILGRadio offers in files for PERSEUS SDR receivers
These data files can display within the PERSEUS monitor window

ILGRadio is now also available in CSV Format
These data files can be imported into other software and e.g. ELAD FDM receivers...
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Legal Info - Widerrufsrecht bei Software
The delivery of  the download of ILG database information goods is not suitable by nature for return.
Right of cancellation of purchase
This means that if we want to bring the right of withdrawal to lapse as a provider of ILGRadio database, you, the consumer must verify us that you accept that is is not possible to give back database goods.
Die Lieferung, d.h. Download von ILG Datenbank Daten Waren ist aufgrund ihrer Beschaffenheit nicht für eine Rücksendung geeignet sind (§ 312d Abs. 4 Nr.1 BGB). 

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Gemäß § 356 Abs. 5 BGB erlischt das Widerrufsrecht bei Verträgen über die Lieferung von nicht auf körperlichen Datenträgern befindlichen digitalten Inhalten, wenn der Unternehmer mit der Ausführung des Vertrages begonnen hat, nachdem der Verbraucher

ausdrücklich zugestimmt hat, dass der Unternehmer mit der Ausführung des Vertrages vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist beginnt, und seine Kenntnis davon bestätigt hat, dass er durch seine Zustimmung mit Beginn der Ausführung des Vertrages sein Widerrufsrecht verliert.

Das bedeutet also, dass wir als Anbieter der ILGRadio Datenbank, wenn wir das Widerrufsrecht zum Erlöschen bringen wollen, von Ihnen, dem Verbraucher die ausdrückliche Zustimmung zum Beginn (vor Versand der Zugangsdaten) einholen müssen !


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