The largest and unique short wave database in the world covering all Broadcasting and UTILITY Stations 1.6-30 MHz along with last monitoring date and many further details
ILGRadio  since 1983 the whole short wave spectrum in one hand
new seasonal A23 - MAY updates on a DAILY basis: upload May 25th 2023 (2203 UTC)
Stations between 11-1602 kHz included: Europe/Africa/M-East/S-Asia, UTILITY: Europe

Monitored and verified data of A23 season: Year 2023: 18974, Year 2022: 13942, Year 2021: 10022 data entries, more April 2023 STATISTICS
Important web pages for help: Explaining ILGRadio Data Fields and The Signal Types of the ILGRadio Database
Ausführliche Beschreibung ILGRadio (GERMAN)

Ausführliche Beschreibung ILGRadio (GERMAN)

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